At Cape Vines we are continually busy with the business of grafting, growing baby vines as well as looking after our clients and building relationships. We know that we are the #1 nursery in South Africa and want you as our client. We go beyond what is expected of a vine nursery to prove our claim. Not only are we proud of the quality of our vines but also of our service and personal touch. We are in continuous contact with our clients either telephonically & visiting them on their farms. We offer technical advice when asked to do so. We aim to compile and distribute bi-annual technical newsletters.  Visit our media division where you might find some useful articles. 

Cape Vines was established towards the end of 1996 as a marketing establishment, Neil Ennis, Willie Laubscher and Helius le Roux together with Dawie le Roux, Viticulturist combined their experience in the wine industry.

This marketing structure operates like any grapevine nursery with the main difference being that the vines are produced on the individual farms and marketed centrally. Our collective size enabled us to establish very strong bonds with the suppliers of grafting material as well as an infrastructure to best serve the needs of our clients. The production programme is centrally co-ordinated and different combinations are grafted according to vine orders and industry requirements.


At Cape Vines your success is part of our game plan therefore our motto.

Your superior yield is rooted in our quality.